We believe your relationship with God is important. While “religion” often carries a connotation of robes, holy water and a pipe organ, you will not find those at Elim.  We endeavour to present our services in a creative and relevant way that encourages you on your journey to know God.  Our services have contemporary music with a live band and relevant teaching. We want to equip you with truth from the Bible that you can use in your Business, School, Sports team or home during the week. If you have children, they will be looked after and have fun (see question 8 below).

Once a month or so we celebrate communion. This is simply a time to remember the sacrifice of Christ. You are welcome to participate or not.  Our services also include an opportunity to give financially, which we call tithes and offerings. (Make sure you read the next question…)

We also include an opportunity for anyone who would like to commit to being a Christian to do so. A Christian is simply a follower of Christ.  Please read question 7 for more in this regard. We are also privileged to have leaders in many fields from across our nation speak from time to time.